Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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Monday, July 07, 2008

Ever wonder what it's like?

Ever wonder what it is like to have a session done by us? Ever wonder what it is like to be a photographer? We have a crazy fun life and we love it! Here's a collection of images from the last few years of John and I doing our thang... we are so lucky and blessed to love what we do so much! We have had such a great journey with our business, have met the coolest people, gotten the opportunity to work with so many amazing families who have become friends! Thank you to all of you who have supported us, shared in our dream, and allowed us to capture your lives! We love you!

Gosh, check out these two hotties!

Dang these guys have some serious chemistry! This is my midwife Kelli's beautiful daughter Michelle and her man Dustin. They will be having their baby girl at home in mid August! Jada Taylor is already very much loved and adored! Can't wait to meet her in another month or so! Had to share these with you all... too hot not too! We shot these in New Smyrna Beach, it was the most perfect day! After that we headed to The Garlic in New Smyrna for dinner... if you haven't been you MUST go there! The mood and food is phenomenal!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Woo hoo! We're in 4th place!!

WOW! We're so excited! We are currently in 4th place out of a LONG list of photographers in WESH 2's contest for best photographer in Central Florida. Thank you to all that voted, and to those that have supported us and helped us on our journey!! If you haven't yet voted, please click HERE!

Another share... kids are so cute!

Shay is learning to write words, I've been trying to let her just do whatever, and spell it how she thinks it's spelled, then work on the spelling later. If she's writing I'm happy, and she seems to like it more when there is less pressure of "doing it right"...lol. So yesterday she brings me this picture and I thought it was the funniest cutest thing. Had to share... yup I'm a Frtogfr...HA!

Just another thing to go GREEN!

This is a random post, but thought it was definitely worthwhile to share. We are doing our best to go "green" at home and also with our business, so this is yet another step in that process. We've always been into doing things naturally and doing whatever we can to help the planet, so this is so exciting for me!

My recent birth clients Nandi and Jason showed me the diapers they are using for their son Bodhi. They are called G Diapers. I came home and checked them out and researched a bit and realized just how cool they are. They are what they call hybrid diapers, half cloth, half disposable. The outer cover is cloth, then there is a inner liner which holds a disposable pad. The pad itself is made out of cellulose, which is what helps trees hold their water and is totally biodegradable and breaks down in 50-100 days in a landfill or compost vs the 500 years it takes a normal disposable to break down. You can also flush the peed on pads, you tear them up and put them in the toilet and they just break up. They are seriously cool... and I'm not usually one to post about diapers...lol.

I bought baby C a starter set, extra cover and case of pads. We got them today and they are the coolest things. Since it's part disposable you only have to wash the covers occasionally when they get wet or soiled. They are so darn cute too, so that is a bonus. She can put on a t shirt with the diaper and look cute as pie! They aren't super expensive once you buy the covers. The inserts are just a little more than disposables, and the benefits are far greater! The little things like this really do make a huge difference in the world, I'm so glad we won't be throwing away diapers anymore!

If you have been looking for a eco friendly diapering solution these are it! Check out their site for more info! I'm officially SOLD on the idea! And I think Camdyn digs them too...lol. The covers are so cute too I may just get a few in different sizes for the studio to put over clients disposables! Here's some photos of the little monkey to show the fit and style. Yes she is already sitting up and just turned six months a few days ago! How time flies...wah!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Jenny and Brian Update!!!

We got sit down and have dinner with Jenny and Brian at Johanna & Ozzie's wedding. We did their wedding just over a year ago. It was really nice to see them and catch up! They are building a house in Lakeland! That is super exciting for them and it's coming along, they hope to move in by fall! They are both doing great and enjoying married life. Had to share these two shots of them. They are so darn cute... love them!! A huge thank you to them for sending Johanna and Ozzie our way!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woo hoo! We made the A List on Channel 2 again!!!

We made the A list for photographers on WESH Channel 2 again this year. This is quite an honor and we are so excited! To go vote and leave your comments, please click HERE! We'd love to win, but we are definitely thrilled just to be on the list.


Hugs and Prayers for Alana, Don and baby Vance!

Wow... I got an email from Alana last night that baby Vance had been born early. 4 days after we did their maternity session and at 34 weeks pregnant they were driving on a road trip and she started bleeding. They went to the nearest hospital in St Pete and she was told she was having an abruption (placenta tearing away from uterine wall) and that Vance would need to be delivered immediately! They put her to sleep and then delivered baby Vance at 4 pounds 11 ounces. I can't even begin to imagine how scary this must have been for them! Vance is doing great though and they are working on getting him to eat and gain weight so that he can come home! Hopefully I'll do his newborn session towards the end of the month. Needless to say my jaw dropped when I read that email, so our thoughts and prayers are with them! So glad everyone is okay... and to think that I questioned that we may have done her maternity session too early...ack! Now I'm glad we had the session when we did!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Bodhi... beautiful baby boy!!!

Here's some images from Bodhi's newborn session. He's so cute and makes the cutest little faces... thank you again to Nandi and Jason for inviting me into their lives... they are such amazing people!

Sarah and Michael... Congrats Guys!!!

Here's some photos from Sarah and Michael's wedding from last weekend. The ceremony was held at Winter Park Presbyterian Church, and the reception was at the beautiful Winter Park Racquet Club. Sarah looked radiant in her gown from The Collection, and Michael was beaming as he watched her walk down the aisle. These guys definitely like to giggle and laugh, and it's contagious. They definitely enjoy each others company and are a great couple. Here's some favorites from their big day!
A shot at the church!
Sarah... breathtakingly beautiful!
Flowers and rings... my two favorite things!
The way they look at each other just brings a smile to my face!
The sunset coming through the window was just kissing them with this golden light, we had to catch it!!!
Beautiful sunset for a beautiful couple!
This shot cracked me up... them totally sucked into each other, and it appears their parents are scheming something in the background.
This was caught by John and I just love it... totally different from our norm. The sun was beaming in on Michael's ring which now adorns his ring finger. Great shot John!

Couple more Kelli shares...

John and I drove out to New Smyrna on Friday for the weekend, and stopped into Nandi and Jason's on the way to do Bodhi's newborn session. They wanted some beach shots, so we ended up going there at the end of the session. Kelli was in the area so she met up with us for some beach shots with the babies. I missed getting one with her of baby C thus far, so I was thrilled to get these! I asked if she thought she could manhandle two babies at once... little Bodhi is so small in comparison to our munchkin. And I have to sit back again in awe of Kelli and the care she provides for women. I mean what OB would EVER come out to do this (much less the BEACH) with their clients?? She has become more than a midwife to us, she's become a friend, and is like family. Had to share these... loved this moment and that we were able to get such special shots for her in such an amazing place!

Whew... what a weekend!!

We decided to take the weekend OFF... something we rarely do. It was Father's Day weekend, so what a good reason to head out to the beach with our neighbors Rick and Nicole and their 3 girls. Rick's family has a place right on the water in New Smyrna and it was amazing! We got some much needed time away from the computer, away from the hubub of business and normal life, and enjoyed some quality time with our girls. I didn't get time away from the camera however, as it seemed there were photo taking opportunities everywhere! Here's some from our weekend, had some fun playing with each of the girls for photos... and low and behold they didn't even seem to mind!! We're back, back to work, and picking up where we left off. A huge thank you to Rick and Nicole for inviting us to come with for the weekend, we had a great time and really needed the time away! Hope you enjoyed your Father's Day too!!

Some night shots...

This is actually the sun... it was so bright I had to severely underexpose,
so it looks like the moon! Still a cool shot I thought...
I saw this and just had to shoot it...
The 4 oldest girls... after a long day of swimming and sand!
Since I threw everyone else under the bus with photos it was only fair I
share one of me too... with baby C.
Miss S, gosh she is so stinkin cute!
John, something about his hat backwards I just love...
Happy Father's Day Babe... I Love You!
Some of J... she's growing up so fast, I'm sure her mama will agree!
Shay... she got so much sun, and loved the beach!
Poor Nicole may hate me for this, but I had to share this one!
Baby C is sitting up already! She turned 6 months this weekend!
K... those eyes can make anyone smile.
Another awesome daddy... Rick.